Carter OEM Product Development Process

Over the years, we have developed a proven OE phased approach product development process that is extremely successful for high-engineering, customized product development. Our process consists of 6 clearly defined stages and allows us to integrate our engineering teams with your business objective and project goals to deliver the superior product made to your unique specifications.

Phase 1: Research / Competitive Analysis

OEM Production Schedule Research, OE Holes Research, Competitive Line Research

Phase 2: Identify Customer Needs

Identify & Set Priorities

Phase 3: Project Definition and Planning

Detailed Planning and Assessment of Customer Needs, Product Process and Project Timing, Tooling Analysis (Includes Financial Analysis – Approved / Rejected)

Phase 4: Product Development

Design, Test, Approval(s), Develop Product – Phase 4 is the most extensive phase in Carter's PDP

Phase 5: Product Validation / Production Readiness

Final Approval of Product, Forecast Implementation, Prepare for Customer POs

Phase 6: Product Delivery, Support, Improve, PLC

Load Sheet / ACES / PIES Submission(s), Ship Product, Monitor, Capture Lesson(s) Learned (Continuous Improvement), Monitor Product Life Cycle