Fuel Pump Engineering, Testing and Design Tools

When you partner with Carter, as part of our product design and verification process, we perform over 20 verification tests to make sure that the product meets demanding OE requirements. Our engineers have the experience and know-how to know what needs to be tested to ensure product capability, while eliminating tests that are not needed to reduce testing costs and bring products to market sooner.

Design Verification & Product Validation

  • Fuel resistance
  • Corrosion (exterior assembly)
  • Shelf life
  • Cyclic temperature durability (-49°F to +185°F)
  • Vibration durability
  • Humidity
  • System leak down
  • Reservoir run-out
  • Roll-over valve function
  • Hot fuel handling
  • Stability
  • Life test (20M/10S/1500H vs 4H/15S/1000H)
  • Electrical connector retention
  • Drop test

Functional Testing

  • Sender unit verification
  • Module performance verification
  • Aspirator performance verification
  • Internal and external leakage
  • Roll-over valve function

Testing Equipment

  • Environmental test chambers
  • End of life/durability testing
  • Electrodynamic vibration testing

Engineering Design Tools

Pump Diagnostic Analysis

Pump Design Inputs

  • Magnetic parameters
  • Armature parameters
  • Motor parameters
  • Pump parameters
  • Relief valve parameters
  • Motor/pump performance parameters

Pump Design Outputs

  • Torque values
  • Motor speed
  • Motor power
  • Current draw
  • Flow output
  • Motor efficiencies

Simulink Analysis (i.e., Diesel System Performance)

  • Schematic/design inputs
  • System design outputs